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dont do 5 PowerPoint No NosAs PowerPoint gains more and more traction in the business world, first-timers continue to make embarrassing mistakes through a lack of preparation and research. Avoid these presentation “don’t”s to avoid becoming part of the statistic. Read the rest of this entry »


shopping d Shopping Industrial Needs OnlineIn this modern era, online shopping is preferred by not only individuals who love buying clothes, shoes, foods, gadgets, and others, but also manufacturers that look for industrial equipments and machineries. Every manufacturer has to look for high quality industrial equipments so the production can last smoothly. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to find industrial machineries and equipments because each manufacturer has different requirements. That’s why industrial need to look for them on the internet. Let’s take two examples of the products needed by most industries: packaging machine and industrial scale. Read the rest of this entry »


Google drive Google Drive: better than Dropbox?

Google have a habit of competing in almost every arena possible. Smartphones? Android. Email? Gmail. Now they’re taking on Dropbox in the biggest and best way possible – with Google Drive. Read the rest of this entry »


communication 300x184 Relationship and TrustLife is an adventure. It might run so smoothly and we can enjoy life so nice and comfortable. However, it is possible that there are some problems that happen to our life. It can be a small problem but it can also be a big matter. For a simple problem we can overcome it by ourselves. But for a big and serious problem, we need help from its experts. Read the rest of this entry »

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